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Each DVD was filmed using HD technology with the latest in taxidermy supplies and techniques.  We gladly accept your personal check or money order by mail.  Just PRINT this form, fill it out and drop it in the mail with your check or money order and we'll mail your DVDs to the address on this form. 

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This 13-DVD Set includes all DVDs available covering all popular areas of North American Taxidermy.  $300.00, on SALE for $99.95
VALUE SET This 4-DVD Set includes Whitetail Deer, Bass, Flying Duck and Standing Bobcat Taxidermy Training DVDs.  $99.95, on SALE for $69.95
Western Edition
This 4-DVD Set includes Bugling Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope and Caping, Fleshing and Tanning for Mounting Game Heads.   $99.95, on SALE for $69.95
Deer DVD $29.95, on SALE for $24.95
Bass DVD $29.95, on SALE for $24.95
Duck DVD $29.95, on SALE for $24.95
Bobcat DVD $29.95, on SALE for $24.95
Squirrel DVD $29.95, on SALE for $14.95
European/Rack $29.95, on SALE for $9.95
Hide Tanning $29.95, on SALE for $9.95
Misc. Lessons $29.95, on SALE for $9.95
Elk DVD $29.95, on SALE for $24.95
Antelope DVD $29.95, on SALE for $24.95
Mule Deer DVD $29.95, on SALE for $24.95
Cape/Tan DVD $29.95 on SALE for $24.95
Custom Order:  Any 4 DVDs for $69.95
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